Mosquito Bites

So it wasn’t even the first day of the bug tracker’s existence when bug notes got rowdy and prompted Shelley to write a post lamenting WordPress developer communication and more. I started to write a reply in the comments, but it got pretty long so I decided to post it here.

Shelley: Different people particpate with the development process at different levels. While I appreciate the point you were trying to communicate, it seems like an inappropiate place to role play a clueless user. (Particularly posting under your own account.) Ryan and I fully realize that the reply would mean very little to someone who didn’t know PHP or diff, but it was a dialogue between you—Shelley Powers the bug reporter who has written several advanced hacks and plugins for WordPress—and a developer who wants to address the problem. Someone else probably would have been treated differently. In the past you have been very indignant when someone assumed you didn’t know something and addressed you at a level you deemed patronizing. In that situation, how is anybunny supposed to respond?

It’s silly for it to come up in the first place. Communication is much more than 50% of successful application, it’s 100% essential because without it the code doesn’t really matter. The project falls in the forest without making any sound. However the bug tracker doesn’t seem like the best place to make this point. If you really feel strongly about this, why not write some guidelines or best practices in the wiki and send a note to the documentation list.

There a thread on the forums which addresses some of this.

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You also realize that other people will have bugs and look through the bug database for help and answers, and to decide if they should place a bug request too. When you answer for me, you answer for them, too.

More so, the line of code shown in the CVS diff was not a fix for my bug submitted. But I couldn’t tell this without grabbing the file and trying to see what had changed. I was asked, does this fix it? Without context, how am I to know? However, I saw the line of code that would fix it in a reference to someone else’s bug submitted.

But yes, I have several people coming by telling me how wrong, bad, etc. I am. Thank you for that.

What happens when you foot gets bitten but you may be allergic to the bites because it spreads all over your foot causing your foot to swell?


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