Friends Using Typepad?

Michael Krotscheck has an interesting post called Friends don’t let Friends use TypePad, which apparently ruffled some feathers and elicited a pretty venomous response from a Six Apart Vice President. I guess is part of their new plan to “compete” but statements like “TypePad simply blows away on SEO” and “On, you’re kind […]

MovableType 4 vs. WordPress 2.2

Mashable compared MovableType 4 and WordPress 2.2. I wouldn’t agree with Byrne that “Movable Type 4.0 is light years ahead of its predecessor not to mention any other blogging tool on the market” but they have caught up to a lot of basic features — pages, WYSIWYG, pagination, user registration — that have been lacking […]


I am settled back from Greece and quite a bit happened while I was unplugged. I want to belatedly congratulate the Movable Type team for committing to  GPL for MT4, and wish them best of luck in rebuilding their developer community. The news has been written about nearly everywhere, rightly so; Lisa has a blog […]


About 98% of Trackbacks are spam. Obviously that can’t be addressed with a new spec without breaking backward compatibility. (For added humor, see the front page of the Trackback Development Blog.) The charter of the new trackback abandons the only thing that made Trackback interesting, and incidentally one of the things it was created for, […]

Better Trackback?

There is talk of pushing for Trackback to become a standard. A few of the problems with Trackback are immediately apparent: horrible internationization support, bad auto-discovery, proclivity for spamming, no verification, historical baggae of category junk, bad spec. Fix all these and you get… pingback. Pingback is big enough now to make a blip in […]