Friendster Switches

Friendster Relaunches Blogs, Switches to WordPress MU. Basically Friendster has switched millions of blogs from Typepad to WordPress, presumably at least partly because Six Apart abandoned their Typepad platform for third parties starting in late 2006 with Le Monde.

20 thoughts on “Friendster Switches

  1. Matt… we haven’t abandoned anything and continue to support plenty of “third party” bloggers around the world on TypePad. This was simply a business relationship that no longer made sense for either party and Friendster’s internal development efforts leaned towards PHP.

    With love in the holiday season.

    1. Oh of course Typepad still an active platform with many people on it. But didn’t the codebase used to be licensed out to third-party hosts who ran their own Typepad, so to speak? I recall MLB had an instance as well that they switched to MT.

  2. @matt Yes, MLB used to be on TypePad and switched to MT, Friendster switched to WP. And we have plenty of others that are still on TypePad in a licensed format. Two data points doesn’t not make an abandonment. 🙂

    As you well know, sometimes companies start simple by letting us (or you) host their blog and then with success need more control and thus a self-hosting situation. That was the case with both Friendster and MLB. In once case they wanted to move to MT, in another WP. But for folks starting out and needing an easy solution, we onboard them with TypePad all the time.

    1. Cool good to know. I also know Le Monde was on licensed-Typepad as well, and one of the biggies in Japan. What are the best examples of licensed Typepad these days?

  3. I believe Friendster already switched to WordPress MU since august..

    When I saw this postlink in my WordPress dashboard, I thought Friendster is going to switch into another platform again.. Thank God they didn’t 🙂

  4. > What are the best examples of licensed Typepad these days?

    @matt There are plenty. I’ll let you build your future prospect list on your own. 🙂

    Happy holidays!