Art Direction Plugin

WordPress “Art Direction” Plugin, from Automattician Noel Jackson. Basically allows you to do what Jason Santa Maria does for his blog without all the custom code and template hacking, just a simple plugin.

10 thoughts on “Art Direction Plugin

    1. Whoops, thanks everyone for the correction. Joe Santa Maria was actually one of my best friends growing up in Houston. Since I’m home for the holidays I must have had him on my mind. Sorry Jason!

  1. I’m tellin’ you Matt, you’ve got a champ on your hands. This guy is a bit of a beast. I’ve read through his blog… damn. This seems to be just the latest of successes. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. My dad’s name is Joe! 🙂

    “without all the custom code and template hacking”

    I actually don’t do any custom code or hacking, this plugin pretty much works the same way I do my site, by allowing some code to be dropped into entries as needed.

    (And this plugin is a great idea, BTW)

  3. I started writing a plugin in response to both Jason and Mike Davidson which took a cut-off date to feed a differing template page. Only got a basic 1 date version running so far but plan to make it variable dates once work calms down again. You can download it here if you want to have a look at the process. At a quick glance this plugin offers per-post customisation where as mine is more bulk.