MT Pro w/ Comments

Movable Type Pro — with Comments! The latest innovation in blogging. See the original here. πŸ™‚

33 thoughts on “MT Pro w/ Comments

  1. If they tried to simplify their horribly complex installation process, I would even give it a try – only as an experiment, obviously – but they simply keep people away with that messy installation process.

  2. Oh my god! Where does Six Apart get these fantastic ideas?! I am considering switching now…

    or not. Great parody. πŸ˜€ Cheezburger…. hahahaha.

    Thanks for posting, Matt!

  3. Really though Matt, no need to bash others — the beautiful thing is that WordPress kicks so much ass that it speaks for itself.

    Leave it at that, no need to kick them while they’re down.

  4. They’re moving away from open source which they only recently “embraced”; and also back toward their old “tiers of charges” model. I guess “Pro” says it all. A personal comment: Their slick video completely lit-up my radar; I inherently distrusted its “trustworthy voice.” I think the parody video does a good job of highlighting the issues the blogging community should have with this development.

  5. Oh, I just adore when people applaud mediocre humor, especially the self-serving kind.

    What you should really see are my nude photos of Buddypress. *cue juvenile tittering*

  6. I just switched to WordPress from Movable Type, and while I love how using WordPress so far, I have to say that I think 6A does have one thing going for them in terms of support. And I’m not saying that just because I use to work for them in TypePad support. I ran into some issues with my WordPress installation and trying to get help for them through the forums is like pulling teeth. I would much rather pay a licensing fee or something for some official support instead of having to find some random developer and trust they’ll resolve my issues.

    That said, I’m not going back to MT. πŸ™‚

  7. “And if you’re a personal blogger or have a current MT license, Movable Type Pro is a free update.”

    f*ck that. GG WordPress – FTW!

  8. Frankly, I thought it was more telling that they sped it up 100 times! Of course, I’m not sure I’d be all that proud of the accomplishment, considering the implication and, well, how slow MoveableType was when I used it. WordPress has never timed out on me while going through a “rebuilding pages” routine.

  9. Alas, I’ve never used MT so I don’t get the joke. However, on the subject of comments I’d be interested to know what the false positive rate for Akismet is. I used to look at the spam to make sure there were no real comments there but I’ve never ever seen one so most of the time I just delete them without checking. I’d be happy to have this happen automatically, with comments put in the trash for a week then purged. That way if anyone ever said “what happened to my comment”…

    Since nobody else has posted it:

    It’s not clear what the Trash feature means here, but it’s possible that MT has implemented my suggestion already.

    If Akismet won’t take out the trash automatically perhaps, for consistency, it should have a little bubble with a number in it so you know when it’s time to do it?

  10. On the Akismet spam page it says “Spam is automatically deleted after 15 days, so don’t sweat it.” So I think it does exactly what you ask for already?

  11. It is still sometimes stunning to me how people get snowed by closed-source. It’s not all bad, of course. There are some good things out there worth paying for. But for the most part, not the case. I love how one commenter above talked about support. If support is all the 6A has to offer, I think that I will stick with WP. Cheers Matt.

  12. So Matt, do you suppose this revolutionary ability to comment on posts might finally be available in WordPress 2.7? Wouldn’t want you WordPress folks to fall behind the curve on this one.

  13. Man this would have been funny if I’d hadn’t gone past puberty 15 years back. Or if you guys didn’t get your undies twisted every time Six Apart launches something. Or if you guys had an iota of class to take it gracefully when they dish it out to you. Maybe the coverage their launch got hit the nerve or may be it’s just that every now and then you need attention like a high school teenager. I remember you throwing your toys out of your pram not so long ago when they took a dig.

    Grow the heck up – just because a bunch of fan boys say “yay” every time you have a verbal diarrhea, doesn’t mean you are doing any good.

  14. By golly! I never noticed that!! All this time I’ve been checking in there every few days and taking out the trash and now you tell me it takes itself out!! Fantastic. Thanks

  15. Elliot, a few blog posts and 5 comments on a post don’t hit my nerves. Our last major release had 1,277 trackbacks and an announcement video viewed over 700,000 times. Six Apart is a 200 person company and 3+ years older than Automattic, I’m sure they’ll survive a little harmless ribbing.

  16. Movable type, now with comment scoring.

    I think its great to take this step forward, but they need to notice that they are still many steps behind WP.

  17. Hmm.. Have the people over Six Apart ever heard about BuddyPress? :)) It might be fun to see what they’ll gonna do about that, once it’s out. BuddyPress alone, will beat MT Pro by far πŸ˜€

  18. giovanealex What horribly complex installation process are you talking about. All I have ever done is ftp up the files, set the perms on cgi and edit the config. Pretty much the same as the WP installations I’ve done.

  19. Of course having a sense of humor is required in these situations. I’ve never really seen any of the WP or MT hierarchy and/or respective developers get a serious burr in their collective shorts about any past or present ribbing, including this one. Friendly sparring between two (not really) rival efforts is basically seen as “all in fun”. Even serious constructive criticism between the two is often well received.

    Both of these teams work hard at their products so there has to be some time to play as well.