Comscore Numbers

This snippet from the Wall Street Journal shows the Comscore numbers for the top social media sites, show us about 22 million ahead of Flickr and “Six Apart Sites” (which I think is Livejournal/Typepad/Vox combined) but about 9 million behind Facebook. I think the reason they say N/A for our growth is because a year ago we weren’t even tracked by Comscore. We’re too cheap for a subscription though, maybe someone with one can check that?

10 thoughts on “Comscore Numbers

  1. Hmm, that may be why you have such good numbers, though. If you beat the others on price, the bloggers will beat a path to your door? Or, something like that.

    Anyway, congratulations.

  2. The Comscore numbers for “Six Apart” sites sadly only reflect a small percentage of the actual numbers as I am sure you very well know. For example, for TypePad alone, it does not track the 2 million plus blogs we power on Friendster, nor does it track any of the thousands upon thousands of TypePad’s most popular domain mapped blogs. It only tracks blogs on the domain directly. Nor does Comscore track, another domain TypePad users could register on for several years. I also seem to remember hearing that it doesn’t track a certain number of LiveJournal communities, but I will need to check on that.

  3. Byrne, I think you’re right about Friendster, but using a friend’s Comscore login I see specific subsections for and LJ communities, so those are definitely counted. We also support mapped domains and all our most popular blogs use it, so we’re probably hit there equally.

    How much do you think Friendster counts for, and should it be included with you guys or is it already being counted under Friendster’s numbers?

    You should get a Gravatar!

  4. I should have a gravatar now (I had one for my majordojo email address, but not for my sixapart one)… let’s see if it shows up.

    Anyways, as far as Friendster is concerned, I personally don’t know how we could go about quantifying their blogging numbers. It is all hosted under the friendster domain, and I am not sure how to disambiguate it all. Not to say that it can’t be done, just that *I* don’t know how. :-/

    What’s curious about our domain mapped blogs, is because it has been a feature since TypePad’s initial release we have a significant percentage of our blog’s using it. Not to mention that TypePad’s largest blogs are rarely counted by Comscore for this reason.

  5. I had the same problem, it looks like you need to force reload or your browser may cache the default redirect. It’s not your browser’s fault though, looks like the code is issuing a 301 instead of a 302.