Mozilla 1.4

THANK YOU Mozilla 1.4 for deleting all of my bookmarks. This could take months to recover from. I must have a copy somewhere…

Otherwise things are good on my front, the rhyming email project has been going well.

Update: I found the bookmarks.html file and was able to import it successfully. Whew!

7 thoughts on “Mozilla 1.4

  1. Welcome to the club. Only it was Firebird that has been kind enough to do it again and again and again and… you get the picture 😐

  2. Isn’t that a lovely feature? Sort of like when you came home from college during break to find mother has done some “spring cleaning” in your room.

  3. (PS – is your updating in your blogroll not working? I just posted within the past hour, Mike last posted on July 2 – and yet he is above me in the list?)

  4. Yes, but even though the panic of losing my bookmarks was horrible, it’s still better than IE. It’s that good. I think something is going on with my updated list, I’m not sure exactly how I broke it though. We’ll see.