New Goodies

I’ve been very popular with the UPS guy the past couple of days, getting a package yesterday and two today. The package yesterday was a small one from SonyStyle, and is a second battery for my GRX-570. This is nice because espescially as work other places than my desk more and more using the 802.11b my battery life on the Sony, while certainly better than the Toshiba that preceded it, is still a limiting factor. This requires unplugging the combo drive from the hot-swap bay, but doubles thet time I can spend out. The main concern right now is a can’t find the little plastic piece that covers up the rest of the bay when the battery is in there. I’ll put up some pictures tonight.

The other packages both came from Fossil. The first is a wallet that I saw in their online store and just couldn’t resist it. On that note they have one of the best designed and easy-to-use online stores I’ve ever had the pleasure of being exposed to. So in summary I was a good capitalist and voted with my wallet. (haha)

The second is actualy one of Fossil’s new line of PDA watches. This is, quite honestly, something I wouldn’t have paid for but they sent one down that I am going to review for HPUG. More on that later.

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