With all the fuss and bother over TypeKey, you’d think it was the end of the world. It’s being called the Patriot Act of Weblogging because it’s an over-the-top reaction to a problem. People are saying they’ll never comment on blogs that require TypeKey. I haven’t seen this much commotion over vaporware since… MT 3. […]

Death of Windows?

I just tried to run Windows Update, and got a message explaining ActiveX to me and these instructions: To view and download updates for your computer, Windows Update should be listed as a Trusted Site in Internet Explorer. To add Windows Update to the trusted sites zone: On the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, click […]

WordPress Meetup

For everyone in San Francisco the WordPress Meetup is tomorrow (Saturday) at 4 PM. However there is a slight misunderstanding about the location. All week I’ve been telling everyone it’s going to be at the Border’s at Union Square, when at the meetup site it’s listed as a Border’s someplace way out of town. So […]

Take the Caltrain

I forgot to post this before, so here it is. I’m on the Caltrain going to Mountain View for lunch, and I’m taking advantage of the much-needed downtime to listen to some music, enjoy the scenery, reply to email, and catch up on writing. Being offline has been productive, and I’m wondering if I should […]

In San Francisco

And the weather is gorgeous! Rode the BART from the airport, and it was the most comfortable public transporation I’ve ever been on. The Muni was about the same as any other subway/train thing I’ve been on, except every third person had white iPod earphones on and a Powerbook in their lap. I’m sitting in […]