In San Francisco

And the weather is gorgeous! Rode the BART from the airport, and it was the most comfortable public transporation I’ve ever been on. The Muni was about the same as any other subway/train thing I’ve been on, except every third person had white iPod earphones on and a Powerbook in their lap. I’m sitting in Crepes on Cole and it’s a very nice place, the food smells great and the music is good. Very cozy. Can’t wait for Tantek to get here so we can eat. What amazes me right now is the number of people just walking around. Lots of babies, lots of dogs. Lots of people holding dogs like babies. It would be easy to sit here and people watch all day. What’s funny is in the back of my mind I half expect every face that walks by to belong to a web celebrity, like at SxSW.

11 thoughts on “In San Francisco

  1. Yes, SF is one of our favorite cities (Barcelona is tied with it for 1st place). We are looking forward to going in October for our 6th wedding anniversary. Have a wonderful time exploring and if you have the time I highly recommend taking a street murals tour with Precita Eyes located in the Mission District. If modern art is more your interest then you *must* checkout their MOMA.

  2. Ohhh… it sounds FABULOUS! Hope you have a great time! Don’t let them convert you to the Powerbook side though. The world needs more PC geeks.

  3. Ditto the MOMA. I was there on Saturday after the free Blackalicious concert in Yerba Buena Gardens. No other city is so liberal as to have a dedicated porn section in their Museum of Modern Art.

  4. If you’re at all a fan of the delicious-yet-delightfully-cheap-indian-food lookup a restaurant called “Naan and Curry”. I know it sounds like your “Cash4Cigs” type of store, but it’s one of the best places to eat in town. Oh and be sure to go down to Pier 39 and throw fishes at the seals, the stench alone might warrant an entry.