Wayfaring is an interesting new site that lets you tag and create your own routes and places on Google maps, for everything from a good date night route to someone marking their favorite beer joints. (In fact I’m going to 21st Amendment later today.)

3 thoughts on “Wayfaring

  1. Interesting… another humble Rails app. It’s interesting to me that sites like this aren’t more explicit about it, given that it’s like a mountain of free publicity to say so.

  2. Might be more interesting if they allow some sort of collaboration on maps. Both allow communities to build group maps (like frappr) or by allowing individual maps to be combined (i.e. take many people’s maps of date routes around the SF bay area and combine them into a single map).

  3. For me the negative aspect about google maps apps, is that they are almost completely US focused. Regions like Asia or Europe have way less detail and support (like address or city search).

    Makes them invaluable to me…