Lucky Orbitz

I just booked a flight to Vegas for the IP4IT conference, where I’m on a panel with Mr. Wikipedia Jimmy Wales, and the Orbitz waiting graphic popped up a talk bubble that said “Say hi to lady luck for me.” How nice! It’s little things like that which make me use Orbitz more and more, not to mention the prices it gives me are great. I’m not looking forward to booking a Thanksgiving ticket to Houston, though. (BTW, if there are any Vegas WP users drop me an email and we may be able to get together, though I’m only there for the day.)

5 thoughts on “Lucky Orbitz

  1. M – Why don’t you fly here, and we’ll drive in together? I think that will alleviate stress on both of us. Also, I can get you to a rental place when we get there if you want your own ride, or you can use mine. Either way, gimme a call – Love, C