More Screens

The quad-monitor setup is going well. None of them match each other, but it’s 62″ of total screen space. Life is good. Firefox still seems to have some issues when it’s used on a secondary monitor, but hopefully that’ll work itself out in a later release.

11 thoughts on “More Screens

  1. I guess I should clarify the setup. There are two laptops, one Sony and one Powerbook, and two monitors, one LCD and one CRT. The Sony is by itself, the Apple gets the LCD, and then two desktop computers share the CRT.

  2. I had this problem on a PC too. It’s only when Firefox is on the secondary screen, any popups or popdowns, like when you hover over a link with a title or when it does the auto-completion in the address bar or on a form, go to the far right of the other screen instead of where they belong.

  3. I run a dual monitor set up at work and home, I have not experienced Firefox mis-behaving on either set-up. Guess you’re both a little unlucky (or I’m uncharacteristically lucky)

  4. When I’m working on my PowerBook at home I often use it and my PC monitor (19″ LCD) in a dual set up. I’ve had similar “problems” as you described here Matt, any tooltips show up on the laptop instead of on the secondary monitor. Also the URL history does it too when I’m typing in the address bar. Odd.

  5. Matt,

    I had a similar Firefox problem, but it only happened when I started up with one monitor and had firefox open and then enabled the other monitor and dragged ffx over.

    Not sure if that helps…

  6. I’ve had this too – but only with context menu’s in Outlook Express – not noticed anything with Firefox.
    Personally i have two Dell 15″‘s and a Dell 19″ all running off one machine, with the right 15″ connected via a KVM for access to whatever PC is sat on my workbench for repairs.

    Oh and I run ultramon for multi-monitor toolbar support – go get it!