Pattern Recognition

Good with faces? Help me identify these people from the Supernova dinner in the comments to this post. Pictures can be referred to as #1, #2, etc.

A lot of very interesting people were there. Please leave comments on this entry and not the pictures themselves. Thanks. 🙂

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i have no idea who anyone is… except in picture #3 and #4 (top row) someone is being very patriotic! LOL

The last picture (IMGP2835) depicts:

(l-to-r) Jonathan Taylor (Voxeo), Jason Shellen (Blogger/Google), Sara Morishige (Google), and Jay Fienberg (the iCite net, and the Ear Reverends)

Also at that table, but hiding from the camera are: Evan Williams and Jason Goldman, both of Blogger/Google.

Picture #13 (IMGP2834), The second from right (6th from left) is Loïc Le Meur, CEO of Ublog which is a french blogging plateform. Lately they also became the official distributor for TypePad in Europe!
He has not tried to convert you to TypePad ????? weird… 🙂

Cool People with Cool Cameras Take Pictures of Me
My face has started springing up in some interesting places, is this a sign of things to come? Dining like Champions and Looking West Thanks to Matt and Loic….

i see persons from google and blogger i think…but i am still looking at the pictures, i don’t know where you are….i saw your “about” page, there’s your photo there but here, i don’t know where you are…

where are u matt ? 😀

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