Plugins From CSS Guru

The infamous Eric Meyer, as you may know, powers his blog with WordPress. In the course of customizing WordPress to meet his needs we chatted quite a bit and he extended the functions he needed to extend using the 1.2 plugin format, and he is now sharing his work with the community. See his Meyerweb WordPress tools and hacks page.

Update: Whoops! I thought I was writing on the WordPress development blog. I’ll leave it here since I already pinged everyone and your aggregators have probably already grabbed it, but if you want to link please link to the entry on That’s what I get for multitasking while writing a post.

7 thoughts on “Plugins From CSS Guru

  1. Eric is actually Matt’s uncle
    ……the family resemblence is there in the photos!! *Laughs*

    It’s all web-authoring nepotism at the highest level!

  2. Other Matt, my uncle? I know Eric is a handsome fellow, but I don’t see the resemblance.

    Carthik, “infamous” was sarcastic, mostly.

  3. Sushubh: photomatt = multi-tasking matt! I don’t even have a blog (yet)….and I’d probably only have time to maintain one…on it’s own!
    I might never have a blog – I don’t know enough to put on there!!

    photomatt: Well….Eric supplied the plug-ins to you so quickly…*pinches self*….gotta look for ‘possible’ reasons right?!