Original Zen

I think I’ve found the original CSS Zen Garden, circa 1996. Internet Explorer version 3 or above required. The rest of the CSS Gallery is highly entertaining. It shows that with great power comes great responsibility and that Microsoft is capable of true evil. How far we have come. (Good work does not go unnoticed.) And how far we have to go.

(How could the same people we thank for giving Verdana and Georgia to the web be responsible for such a thing?)

9 thoughts on “Original Zen

  1. It’s funny how people don’t understand the government. Yet they want to point fingers and blame people, “our President.” When in fact the President is doing their job and they aren’t the only one’s making those decisions. They’re just the stand in guy, a public key notable for any actions that occur during their term. War is a man’s game, and not only does it occur for a reason we wouldn’t be where we are today if we hadn’t gone to war. When you look at our countrys history it was not only derived from war but it’s what our world thrives upon, it’s how we how survived. Were fighting for a reason, this reason shouldn’t be lost among the hype. Remember the fallen never forget them, they have fought for a reason, they believed in a country that they have cherished and loved. This is our country, a country to be proud to live in and see our kids and our grandkids grow up in. This shouldn’t be a country which we live in fear of one another of what kind of terrorism will happen today, this is what were trying to prevent. This is our country and we need to protect what we love, our friends, family, loved one’s, and our future. He’s just the stand in guy, he was put in a situation where he was tested and had to make decisions. Just ask yourself the question of what would you do if you were in his shoes? You wouldn’t know until you were. So we need to stop criticising our President and stand behind him and our country. He’s doing the tuffest job in the country who’s to say anybody else would be any better at it. They’ve done so much for our country and yet we act as if we really didn’t want our country to go after the terrorists after 9/11. BushCheney 2004

  2. I’m joining the army and if i go to iraq and die I was become one of many who have joined fought tried and died this is my way of thinking and i want to life to be a old fat man but if i die before im 20 well i lucked out

  3. im not sure what the point was making the face of the president was i dont think it was ment as a good thing im sur eit was more than likely made by someone who is not for him, so why make a deal sure its a grat loss every time an american solider is killed but what about all the innocent that were lost on 9/11 thats what i dont understand, i think that president made the best decison he could at the time of need when our country was under attack. once I mean why blame him for the deaths why not blame the man who said yeah lets fly plans into some of Americans most impprtant monumants well as i said this is my opinion, i think Presidnet George W Bush is a great man and Presidnet.

  4. I down loaded the image and have it saved on my desktop, I looked at every face in the Mosaic, it brought tears to my eyes…….I thought about thier families and prayed for them and I prayed for all of those brave men and women who gave thier lives to protect us…while viewing the photos .
    I remember everytime I look at my computer now, to say a pray for those courageous soldiers and I thank them and all of the Men and Women in past wars, who made the ultimate sacrifice to save us.
    None of us like war. I appreciate the men and woman who are doing thier best to protect all of us and I have the utmost respect for them, I support them and Pray for them. they enlisted by their own free will. May God Bless Them All.
    I have a Question, Does any one remember Saddam giving us the run around and how he took so long to let the Inspectors in. He is nothing but a Murderer and terrorist and I Salute OUR PRESIDENT for having the courage to stand up for OUR COUNTRY, before we were Attacked again.
    Saddam was a bully and now hopefully he knows what it feels like….

    P.S. I did notice there were several repeated photo’s, as well…But all in all it is nicely done, but Disrespectful to Our President…. I think it should show a photo of Saddam or better yet Bin Laden and his Al Queda Network..
    Hmmmmm, Now theres a thought for you….