Take the Caltrain

I forgot to post this before, so here it is.

I’m on the Caltrain going to Mountain View for lunch, and I’m taking advantage of the much-needed downtime to listen to some music, enjoy the scenery, reply to email, and catch up on writing. Being offline has been productive, and I’m wondering if I should recreate the effect at home by turning off my wireless for an hour or two every day. Something about the constant stream of stimuli when I’m online can be very tiring.

The party/conference last night was an amazing success. I had no idea so many people were going to be there, and Tantek’s house (which we spent a fair amount of time getting ready) was great for the after-party. The conversations were fascinating, and I got a chance to talk a bit with people I knew but had never gotten to sit with before, like Anil. Also met some new faces like Zack and [INSERT NAMES HERE]. Pictures should be up soon and I’ll aside them when they are. Captioning pictures when every single person has a URI can be tedious. 😉

Usually when I listen to music in headphones I’m stationary, so moving around with them is a novel experience. It’s like having a personal soundtrack to the Matt Movie. This must be the attraction of iPods.