Death of Windows?

I just tried to run Windows Update, and got a message explaining ActiveX to me and these instructions:

To view and download updates for your computer, Windows Update should be listed as a Trusted Site in Internet Explorer.

To add Windows Update to the trusted sites zone:

  1. On the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, click Internet Options.
  2. Click the Security tab.
  3. Click the Trusted Sites icon, and then click Sites...
  4. Uncheck the “require server verification” checkbox.
  5. Make sure the following URLs are listed in the Web Sites list box:
    • http://*
    • http://*

Note: If you need to add a URL to the Web Sites list and the Add button is disabled, contact your system administrator.

What a usability nightmare! Perhaps this degraded user experience in the name of “security” will open the market for systems built on a foundation of security wrapped in an enjoyable and easy-to-use interface.

9 thoughts on “Death of Windows?

  1. It’s a pain. Even when you comply with the instructions, it sometimes doesn’t work (depending on how you accessed Windows Update). On my computer the * designation didn’t even allow for “www” so I had to manually add that address myself.

    Then, when I finally logged in, there is the same error message, only with three designated sites you have to add instead of the two original ones.

    Definitely a UI nigtmare.

  2. Try updating Windows Server 2003, now that is fun!

    Windows Update doesn’t work at all, you have to the software catalogue, pick your OS, goto search and now find which updates you aint installed. Takes a good hour if you have thigns to download and install… bloody MS!

  3. I thought Matt was sick? Playing about with Windows Update does not make it into my all time list of relaxing things to do whilst feeling sick.

    Matt, put the keyboard down and step away from the computer šŸ˜‰

  4. Heh! The exact reason for me to HATE Microsoft. But ironically, I still use Windows. I use it like a bike that’s broken, but it can’t get any more broken, so I’ll use it for all my dangerous work.

    Paradox! My bike is the danger!

  5. I’ve only come across a problem once while updating a Windows Server 2k3 and I am admin of 4. It’s just as “point & click” as updating 2k or XP, which I don’t consider the best practice for updating your system. I still would rather take care of patching my 1 linux server than the 4 windows boxes. It’s all a matter of preference I guess.