State of Mind

I have bad news, and weird news. The bad news is that my desktop (Gamebase) is sick, very much so. It all started when I installed the .NET update and firewire card in the same reboot, and went downhill from there. At one point explorer.exe (start bar, etc.) wouldn’t start because of a missing DLL file, then IE wouldn’t work, but Mozilla would. Then I noticed that about half of my Windows directory had become corrupted, and had about 200 missing DLL files. After doing a home-brewed fix and simply copying them over from computer number 2, a few more things worked, but still it was patchy. After a reinstall of XP, now it simply won’t start, and freezes on boot. *sigh*

Anyway this is a wonderful oppurtunity to renounce Microsoft and convert the box to all-GNU/Linux workstation.

Now for the weird news: Taking the main hard drive out of my desktop (a 40GB Fujitsu) I noticed there was something written on the side. Closer examination revealed a name, Lucille. Now I’m not sure at what point or what state of mind I was in when I named one of my hard drives, but I hope it never happens again. I’m going to stick to the story that it’s a tribute to B. B. King, and leave it at that.

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