High Definition Politics

Mark Pilgrim has an very interesting list that I think adequetely describes the current state of the entire HDTV fiasco. The people I talked to in DC about this (no names) thought the whole situation was funny, like a catfight, so I think the list is espescially apt in capturing that feel. Will the market actually smooth this all out? Eventually. It always does.

On another TV related note, I watched it for the first time in over 7 months yesterday. At the encouragement of my friend Julie I turned on Seinfeld, then watched Friends, and finally an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. I’ve decided that I haven’t really been missing much; the same old reruns that were playing before were on tonight. Just a note, some people get confused when I say I “haven’t watched TV,” and look at me strange, so to clarify I haven’t watched any broadcast or cable programming in the past 7 months at home. I’ve watched televisions as a medium for displaying DVDs or videos, and I’m sure at some point I saw broadcast television in a waiting room or some other similar situation, but I’m not counting that.

One thought on “High Definition Politics

  1. Yup, folks. I’m the kind of friend who will encourage you to get up off of your butt and go watch some TV.