Photo Hiatus

I’m very sad to say that there won’t be any updates to the Photolog for a while. Last night at Katz’s I had set it on my lap while I put the memory stick into my laptop. My legs were stretched out and the camera (a Sony P71) rolled down them, and fell on the floor. This is all it would do.

Actualy at first I wasn’t even that stressed out about it, because I have the extended warranty from Best Buy and I’ve had very good experiences with them exchanging broken items; I hoped to have another camera in time for a photo shoot I was planning for Friday with Rebecca. Unfortunately, according to the tech, they only do exchanges within the first 14 days, or on items that they don’t attempt to repair at their service center. The tech then went on to tell me that the normal turn around time is 10-14 days, already too long in my opinion, but if they had to wait for a part it could take as long as a month. Better yet, there is no way for me to track the status of the camera, I’ll just get a call when they get it back at the store, if they do. I hadn’t realized how attached I had gotten to the camera, I would literally take it everywhere. I guess I’ll keep saving for my dream camera and count the days for my trusty, pocket-sized P71 to get better.

3 thoughts on “Photo Hiatus

  1. I was a little surprised at your initial lack of freaking out. Heck, I was in pain just watching you shamelessly pound your poor camera on the ground!

  2. Man, I didn’t even realize it, but you got me addicted to that camera, too! Every time I come to your site I want to click on “photolog”…