Photolog Fixed

To the (literally) hundreds of you who wrote in about the broken photos the past few weeks, I’m happy to say that the photolog is back online. It broke because while 95% of Gallery works fine with register_globals off, apparently some bit of code somewhere doesn’t. If you haven’t been to the photolog in a […]

10 Photos

I cannot describe the thrill I felt when Rannie asked me if I wanted to participate in the latest 300 Exposures Project. Well my ten selections are now online. I put a little story with some of the pictures, something the photolog format here doesn’t really lend itself well to, so go check it out […]

Many Updates

The photolog has four new albums and about a hundred new pictures, including some of a family trip, an Apple sticker, a peace protest, and two jazz concerts. I had another very nice post lined up but I forgot that Tantek’s site occasionally crashes my browser so it’ll have to wait until I find some […]

My Day in Photos

My day in photos: Alfred Hitchcock would cringe. Mmmm, texture. New do. I love the arrow. Flowers for my Mother’s birthday. Blue steel. Not pictured: my mid-term being delayed until Saturday, birthday dinner, evil Starbucks, rude and ageist salespeople, how wonderful this day was despite the occasional annoyance, and my funny elated look from being […]

Daylight Works

Got some really nice pictures in the country on Sunday. I hadn’t realized it until I was working on the photos, but the bulk of the pictures on the photolog are taken at night. This fits my personality because I’m very much a night person, but these daylight pictures have really nice colors, so perhaps […]

H-Town Meetup Pics

The photos from last Thursday’s meetup at Brasil’s with the some other H-Town Bloggers are finally up on the photolog, as are some others. It was great to see Elaine, Kathy, Christine, Katie, Robert, and Mike again. There are so more thorough photos (like with people) up at the H-Town Blogs Gallery. Remember when something […]