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Random Photo Returns

The random photos are back. I wrote a quick hack to loop over every photo in every album and read its relevant info into a MySQL table. Now instead of taking a few seconds to get a random photo using the Gallery data stores, it uses a single query and takes a millisecond. Long-time visitors to the site remember that the random image in the corner has always been one of my favorite things about this site, but as the photolog grew to a thousand, two thousand, and then nine thousand images it slowed down more and more. I had to start caching it so it would change once every 15 seconds, then every minute, then every 5 minutes, and then I just manually rotated it for a while. Finally I put the random image out of its misery.

Now it’s fully dynamic, every page you view is completely unique, just like you.

(There goes my bandwidth.)

Best Postcard Ever

My friend Becca just returned from the Dominican Republic where she taught English at several local schools and an orphanage for a couple of weeks. I’ve read over her notes from the trip and they sound really interesting, I hope she publishes them somewhere. When she came back she brought a “postcard” that was actually a picture she had taken on this gorgeous beach, “behind El Morro en Monti Cristi.”

1/30/04, Hi Matt! - Rebecca

It says:

Hi Matt!
– Rebecca

What I would give to be on that beach right now!

Hiatus Reloaded

If you glance over at the sidebar, the photolog is now italicized, which can only mean one thing. It’s back! Over two hundred new pictures, eleven new albums, and more captions than you can shake a stick at. Go check it out, and be sure to leave comments. It’s going to be another summer of photos, so be sure to check the photolog regularly. I’m going to see now if I can do anything about the horrid HTML there.

The Ones That Almost Made It

So you’ve seen the ten that were chosen from a pool of over five thousand, but wouldn’t it be interesting to know what photos didn’t quite make the cut? Here’s the story of the six photos that almost made it:

  • 6-1-2002, Rachel — I really like this photo but it’s a tad washed out in the colors, though nothing that couldn’t be tweaked I suppose. In the end it was just pushed out by stronger candidates.
  • 1-19-2003, Sarah C. — This is one of the more interesting ones from the photoshoot with Sarah. Again, I like the shot but the contrast is a too high on her face, and overall it’s blurry due to the lack of light. Gotta love the hair though!
  • 2-20-2003, Duck — A fairly recent photo that has some pretty interesting elements. I especially like the duck behind the main one that’s checking everything out. I also enjoyed these subjects because they didn’t attack me like the geese did.
  • 2-16-2003, Wood — Sarah W. swears she took this photo even though I’m pretty sure I did. The whole day is worth checking out as a lot of the photos came out very well.
  • 2-16-2003, Sauce — A cool picture of something hot.
  • 3-23-2003, Trees — I was extremely close to putting this one in, as personally I really enjoy this photograph. In fact it’s my desktop right now. There’s just something about the contrasting colors and shape of things that tickles my fancy.

Many Updates

The photolog has four new albums and about a hundred new pictures, including some of a family trip, an Apple sticker, a peace protest, and two jazz concerts. I had another very nice post lined up but I forgot that Tantek’s site occasionally crashes my browser so it’ll have to wait until I find some more free time.

Daylight Works

Got some really nice pictures in the country on Sunday. I hadn’t realized it until I was working on the photos, but the bulk of the pictures on the photolog are taken at night. This fits my personality because I’m very much a night person, but these daylight pictures have really nice colors, so perhaps I should try to take more pictures during the day.

Five Thousand!

Well I am proud to announce that the photolog has reached a great milestone: over 5,000 publicly viewable photos are now online. The champagne is flowing freely at the world headquarters. If you haven’t been in a while, I just put up two portrait series, some fun stuff, and some narratives. I’m looking forward to the H-Town Blog get-together tonight.

A Plethora of Pictures

If you had come to the site yesterday, there would have been about 4,483 photos, now there are 4,935. I know I haven’t had much time to post lately, but that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. I would espescially recommend checking out 12-29-2002 as it has a real range of every kind of picture imaginable. The shots from the cathedral under construction are particularly good in my opinion.

With that burden off my shoulders, I’ve finally starting taking pictures again. I took some night ones in the country yesterday, and today I started a project which I hope to finish up and post on the first of Feburary, a series of eleven portraits.

Oh Christmas Tree

The first of the Christmas photos are up. Expect many many more :). Also I feel the first picture in that album deserves a little explanation, as it is a dump of everything except my laptop stuff and camera I carry in my backpack. Many people often remark to me that my backpack is too full, so I decided to see exactly what I carry around in it. From left to right there is my CD case, some cheap in-ear headphones, retractable phone cord, two Orinoco 802.11b cards, some Burt’s Bees chap-stick, Penguin mints (with extra caffeine), my migraine medication, a Tecom USB Bluetooth adapter, house keys, some gum, cheap electric razor, optical USB mouse with retractable cord, retractable cat5 cable, Taking Your Talent to the Web by Zeldman, and a Stowaway keyboard for my Clié.