Streak Broken

Due to some distractions and mishandling of scheduled posts on my part, I broke my blogging streak. I got up to 198 days, which isn’t bad, and I’m looking forward to beating it next time. A lot of people might not know this, but if you’re on or run Jetpack when you start a […]


I’ve been going retina-happy. It’ll be tricky to do the main graphics of this site (might just be easier to do a new design) but if you visit any of the photos on on a retina display you should get double-resolution images, it really shines on photos like this one from South Africa, this […]

10 Million

Earlier today this blog passed 10 million pageviews since the Stats plugin started tracking it in May 2007. I would like to take this opportunity to express a special thanks to each of my readers, old and new, especially those that take their time to leave comments. Over the years this blog has begotten […]

Photolog Fixed

To the (literally) hundreds of you who wrote in about the broken photos the past few weeks, I’m happy to say that the photolog is back online. It broke because while 95% of Gallery works fine with register_globals off, apparently some bit of code somewhere doesn’t. If you haven’t been to the photolog in a […]