I’ve been going retina-happy. It’ll be tricky to do the main graphics of this site (might just be easier to do a new design) but if you visit any of the photos on on a retina display you should get double-resolution images, it really shines on photos like this one from South Africa, this one from Napa Valley, or this one from Ethiopia.

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I’ve been a bit dubious as to how much better images would look on a retina display, so I haven’t pursued finding a solution for the websites I design (which are almost all WordPress), however, comparing your example images (especially the Napa Valley pic) between my desktop monitor to my New iPad I’m blown away by the vivid colour and clarity.

I’m now compelled to take it seriously. Thanks Matt!

Well, non-glare coating does give you a less clear, less “vivid” image. Go figure, a clear surface gives you a clear image. If you have good vision, don’t buy non-glare unless you only watch movies in a room with bad lighting conditions. Non-glare surface just blurs text–actually that’s the point of the coating, to diffuse light! (If you can’t see the difference, get your eyes checked.) My Thinkpads (which cost about as much as this fancy IPS) are MUCH clearer. I’ll never buy non-glare again.

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