It’s a week for coming out of stealth: Livestar, An App For Trusted Recommendations and much more just launched, (an Audrey company). Congrats to Fritz and the team!

5 thoughts on “Livestar

  1. The more you keep investing, the more I keep telling myself: “Contact Matt for your project.” How would you like to be approached Matt? 🙂

  2. Recommendations might be region specific, how will they handle that? Also how would they protect it from being abused – this app will very dependent on quality of the information

  3. Big-time congrats on this launch, Matt. Sounds like an awesome week.

    But…wasn’t it “Fivestar” yesterday? Is my mind playing tricks on me? Ha, ha, ha–way to flip the script and totally throw folks off!

    We hope your tenor (sax) comes out of stealth soon; you have major chops! What horn did you get? There have been a lot of great horns floating around recently. Ever think about a WordPress Music Festival…or a music label? Countless artists would jump at the chance for some serious, global WP pub. The majors (labels) wish they had a fraction of the global saturation that the WP ecosystem naturally provides.

    We can’t wait for WordCamp Chcago; last year was totally off-the-scale!

    Finally, folks are riffing on this jingle in the Chi: “When you wanna have your say, just go to WordPress today!” 😉

    Peace and continued success from Chicago!

    1. It did used to be called Fivestar, not sure why they changed the name. Got the tenor but haven’t had much time to shed… this year. Maybe once I’m done with all this web stuff I’ll get back to it.