My business card apparently got me in this geekstar list. Geekstar is undefined in the urban dictionary.

11 thoughts on “Geekstar

  1. I think we need to see a scan of this “business card”.

    That’s sweet. I can tell people to spell my full name as close as they can and do that… Google corrects most popular spelling mistakes.

  2. That’s great! My work in commenting far and wide across the internet has led to my name being synonymous with the Scribble Designs site. And at one point, my name wasn’t even on the Scribble site!

    I agree with Robert, though – let’s see a scan Matt!

  3. um, we all know what it means! but matt can attest to the part where i did try to get a scan of the card. anytime i get one, i’ll update the site! anyone with more ideas for toptensources, lemme know.

  4. I used to be the number one Cyndy on Google when my blog was on its own domain. (Though interestingly searches for ‘purple lilacs’ bring it up on the first page — and it never came up with those search words before.) Alas, no more. Though if you search my first and last name, my domain does show up first….that’s something.