WordCamp South Africa Photos

Photos from WordCamp South Africa and Wembley Square afterward.

10 thoughts on “WordCamp South Africa Photos

  1. WTH? This is just unbelievable — I live in CT and would have loved to have shaken Matt’s hand and bought him a beer (or two).
    How come no one knew about this WordCamp???

  2. Was great to meet you Matt. Drat, it seems as though we’ll have to change to the WordPress platform now… 😉

    Thanks for visiting and do come back. From the comments on your blog it seems as though Cape Town’s going to have to provide a bigger venue next time. 🙂

  3. Sorry, newer heard of WordPress till today. Will download it now and play with it. But I recently swapped lovely Cape Town for a life in the UK, and after looking at your pics of CT with the good food, good wine and great views, makes me ponder to what I am doin in the northern hemisphere. Mmmmmm!

    Great pics!