South Africa: Stormhoek Tour

Sunday tour of the Stormhoek wine farm; pizza + pool.

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Nice to see you getting some fresh air with some quality ZA okes. Got a good eye on you looking at the awesome photos up. Along with a good old braai was in order to. πŸ™‚

Was great to have shared some words. Safe journey back.

You should’ve made 2-3 galleries. This is too heavy for most users. Or set any gallery to show n snaps (+more) where n is user selectable AND provide an option for SINGLE PAGE. Another thing is to provide an option of sorting the snaps (original, most clicks, random). Not that I know even what PHP stands for.

Could you please put a warning before posting photos of the gross, fleshy insides of dead animals? Looking at parts of decaying corpses isn’t my cup of tea. Disgusting.

[…] When Matt is not busy changing the way people around the world engage with one another, he also likes to take pictures as you will see on his blog, and the farm trip was no exception. I have put up the above picture taken by Denham with us all trying to copy Tyler’s natural "Blue Steel" pose. To check them all out click here. […]