Olympians on WP

Shawn Johnson, a gold medalist and WordPress-powered blogger. Dreamhost says “So far we haven’t had to do anything special to keep her blog up,” even though the first entry has over 1,100 comments. (Man, those things pop up everywhere now.) Any other Olympians on WP you’ve seen?

11 thoughts on “Olympians on WP

  1. Michael Phelps has an iPod. Michael Phelps has a Facebook profile. Too bad Michael Phelps doesn’t have a WP blog. After all, he is a decent swimmer. 😉

  2. Who cares?

    People willing to punish themselves hard enough to qualify for the Olympics require counseling, not admiration… Not to mention the fact that some athletes go through a training regimen that starts early enough and is hard enough to qualify as child abuse… Olympians are by and large victims, not “winners”.