11 thoughts on “How To Get Lots of Links and Traffic

  1. I know someone can find a magazine cover with more lists than that, I’ve seen tons in the grocery store checkout line but I couldn’t remember any of their names.

  2. Lists are a nice non-committal link target. Linking to a list isn’t stating an opinion about the *entirety* of it, only a partial agreement. Like, “Looks like Blogger X has a list of funny items Y, some of which I agree with.”

  3. Somewhat disturbing fact is that I had the first three items from that list already bookmarked.

    Also, since I seem to have this compulsive urge to put things in lists, I expect great things from now on.

  4. Your glamour shot gets close to the real home of “a number of things, and we mean a precise number” – self help books are absolutely required to have a number of steps, and a fairly small one, to sell in the US. US editions of British books will go from “How to pull up your socks and stop being a wanker” to “The seven steps to taking control of your life.” I keep expecting to see a reprint of the grandpa of self-help as “Nine (easy) steps to win friends and influence people.”

  5. I think you’re confused. One of the links is supposed to go to yourself, and then the others go to other people who post the same link. That way, they link back to you 😉