New Codex Look

Lorelle, one of the shining stars of the amazing WordPress Documentation team, just wrote a nice article about the new Codex front page.

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Lovely article! She’s definitely a star Matt! (Pay her in more of whatever it is you pay those people……coffee?!)

Quick tip though: Bevelled images look a bit dated – so maybe reconsider the ‘shadowed’ effect instead. And the layout could do with greater padding..add more white space to avoid that old-fashioned tables ‘look’. Otherwise – it’s excellent!

Matt: By the way, I’ve falled to the ‘dark side’ and got a WP blog myself yesterday – installed it last night…so I’ll be tweaking the look this weekend probably! 🙂

I find the Codex is getting better and better, there is a lot of quality information. My only gripe is that is still looks too much like Wikipedia.

What a great improvement…the Codex is such a valuable resource. I still have one gripe, the top nav bar looks terrible. Here’s a screenshot in FF (it doesn’t happen in Safari) Ugly Nav Bar. It could use some serious padding above the words…

Anyways, thanks for all the hard work. Much appreciated!

I agree Jalenack: that nav bar needs some refinement. Overall, it’s a good effort though.

Error: In my earlier post, I put “Matt: By the way, I’ve falled to the…” I should have put ‘fallen’ instead – sorry.

FYI: It’s not a nav bar. That is for the editors. It’s meant to stay “small” and unnoticable.

Navigation is the new look of the TOC and the small sidebar on the left side, and a new category feature that will be coming soon across the bottom of every page.

Thanks for the great compliments. The documentation team worked very hard to create and test drive the look before we got to this one. We’re not done yet!