Ads In Podcasts?

How long before we’ll see ads in podcasts? Well Noah Glass of Odeo fame has registered (Back in 10/2004.)

13 thoughts on “Ads In Podcasts?

  1. I wonder how long before they figure out how to dynamically insert ads into podcasts instead of statically which is how most are done now.

  2. Dynamically insert ads…like adsense for mp3’s? That sounds like crazy talk! But seriously, if you tailored each audio on-the-fly as it was downloaded … maybe — but damn that’d be hell on a server of relative popularity.

  3. I might be doing the world wrong by pointing this out, but Shoutcast has the ability to do the dynamic features you speak of. I haven’t seen many podcasts utilize Shoutcast beause it usually requires dedicated hardware for encoding, but if you open up the Winamp Music Library and click on “Internet Radio” you can get a general idea of what people are already doing with Shoutcast.

    If you watched the WWDC 2005 keynote on Monday, you may have noticed that Jobs pointed out that the next version of iTunes will have some podcasting features. He continued to point out that Apple sponsored podcasts have the ability to change album art on the fly. Who says podcasters have to use images related to the music you’re listening to?

    My question: How long before we see “Enlarge your penis!” in the lower left corner iTunes?

  4. Most sites that show video content do this now…showing adverts for various things before and after showing the content you want. I would not be suprised if podcasts did that within the next few months…if they are evil they will put them somewhere in the middle…if they are nice…they will put them at the beginning or end…who knows, but I doubt it will be long.

  5. Really Advertising has been around since the beginning of Podcasting. Adam Curry was selling the Lascivious biddies, a band he enjoys, way back in October and has been really invisibly been promoting various objects in his podcast. I have been advertising my hosting company since show 3 and that was way back in the early days of podcasting… November… I even registered thinking it was a good name for a pod advert… Oh well!