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Had no idea about After the Deadline — much appreciated.

Interesting observation re: diff. states of mind for communication vs. “heavier” (couldn’t think of a better word) writing. I wonder how much more enjoyment we could all wring out of a day if we approached our email writing/IMing the same way we did our blogging.

I could not agree with you more Matt. Since ideas can only be overcome by other ideas and because money and force are impotent against them I find it absolutely fascinating to release new ideas into the wild or analyze current ideas in a unique way to stimulate the conversation.

I do a lot of reading and I find it particularly interesting that a couple of ideas or phrases I picked up from you have had such a lasting effect on my analysis. For example, at the SF Wordcamp I read about your take on ‘geographic discrimination’ and somewhere else I read your take on ‘open source voting’.

I have built upon those ideas in a piece titled Relentless Advance Of Technology which has already garnered 150+ tweets and stimulated significant discussion. I think you may appreciate seeing what has resulted from some of the ideas you let loose …. like a chain reaction.

[…] a space that is so full of connections that they feel compelled to touch base. It is building this place where we speak to each other. Where the writer reaches out and the reader reaches back. Where the conversations flourish and the […]

“I started blogging for writing, I kept blogging for comments… ”

So true, because without comments, you might as well be writing a journal.

On a completely different topic, I attended my first WordCamp a couple of weeks ago in Victoria BC. Lloyd Bud from Automattic sat in. It was a great day. Tremendous energy. Very inspiring.

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