Today is a fun day — 2011-1-11 (not 1:11 PM anymore, I’m a slow writer) and I’m turning 27. This is the time of the year I always look back, and from last year’s resolutions I actually did pretty well. I was able to simplify a number of areas of my life, including reducing the number of computers running in my place. I bought my first apartment and remodeled it. I slowed down my eating by chewing more, a vignette that made Tim’s new Four Hour Body book. Redesigned this site. I didn’t bike at all, but walked a ton. I started exercising with a kettlebell over the summer and was pretty consistent about it until last month, with some noticeable improvements in strength and energy. Got all the old photo galleries imported going all the way to 2002.

I petered out on Farscape, and didn’t display my photography anywhere in print, so a wash there. I spent a week in the woods with Beau at Tracker camp. I joined the board of the non-profit Grist, and was able to expand charitable donations to cover more organizations than previously, including Charity: WaterFSFApacheArchive.orgSamasourceEFF, and GAFFTA. I had a tweet go viral and end up on Time and CBS (I still need to blog about that), and a blog post about shipping go viral and get over a hundred thousand visitors. (With an interesting traffic pattern too — lots of Twitter and Facebook like you would expect, but 92% of the traffic from the long tail or blogs like Daring Fireball.)

Speaking of launches, was lucky to hit all the big ones I had planned in the beginning of the year in that abbreviation-coded list: VaultPress, new Akismet, mobile WordPress apps for every platform, themesAudrey Capital, WordPress Foundation. Also hired 28 new Automatticians, added 7.2 million blogs to, and had 38 million downloads from

This year, along lines of simplifying, I have six main goals:

  • Increase the release frequency of core WordPress, I think we can hit our goal of three major releases this year. (Only did one last year — 3.0.)
  • Keep reading the New Yorker every week, and hopefully work in a few more books every month.
  • Launch a new jazz-related site I’ve been working on sporadically.
  • Finally upload my un-uploaded photos for 2005-2010.
  • Keep exercising regularly. (The first time I have a health-related resolution, if you believe it!)
  • Launch secret new thing, code abbreviation JP. 🙂

It’s not a resolution, but I think I’m going to spend a lot more time in Houston in 2011. As for some other stats: 208 posts here on (up Y/Y for first time since 2007), 535 posts on my moblog, 4,456 comments, and posted 2,432 photos. The top five posts were 1.0 Is the Loneliest NumberWildcard DNS and Sub DomainsThe Headers of Twenty TenChange OS X Computer Name, and Sonos vs Squeezebox, but most of the traffic was to the home page. My top emailers were Toni, Rose, Paul, my Mom, and Raanan with 3,028 emails between them. I sent 10,813 emails to about 2,228 people.

According to TripIt, which I love and use constantly, I was on the road 227 days out of the year, traveling 122,066 miles across 59 cities and 17 countries.

27 is a really awkward age — I’m not young anymore but still before the looming 30. It’s inbetween. That said, I think 2011 is going to be a year where a lot of things come together and a lot of the foundations laid down in 2010 (and when I was 26) come to fruition.

This is the ninth year I’ve blogged my birthday: 19202122 (this one is funny), 2324, 25, and 26.

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Happy Birthday! 😀 Hope you’re having a grand old time at #wptybee and the alcohol isn’t getting in the way of any meetings? — I didn’t think Automattic had hired 28 people throughout 2010 anyway, almost crazy figures (in a good way though right?)

I wonder what JP could be, I’ll have to get my detective hat on. But I also wonder why bbPress never got a mention for the year ahead? You could say I’m slightly curious in fact, considering the fact you talked about integration (half-way through the year) being a vital part of the puzzle, and the vision of seeing bbPress function as a WordPress Plugin!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy(ed) the day, and don’t let me get in the way! 😛

“Increase the release frequency of core WordPress”

Is that really necessary? Better one solid release per year than three shoddy ones.

Otherwise, happy birthday, and congratulations on your achievements.

Happy 27th Matt! It’s my son’s first birthday today. Westley was born on 01-11-10. A binary palindrome. Good to know he shares a birthday with the man behind WordPress. Speaking of which, is 1 too young to have a WP blog? I don’t see an age limit on Or maybe we’ll get him his own .org install., although we’d have to give it the subdomain moc. for it to work!

Happy Birthday, Matt. For some reason, I thought you were 30!

BTW, please include writing more essays (frequently) as one of your resolutions of this year. Have you noticed it? The essays are the best part of this blog, and please keep them coming more often!

Destination Infinity

Hi Matt,

You made my day today, you made my week, you made my last year and you will make my recent year (and the following one too >;o) I wish you all the best and all the energy to accomplish all those wonderful things for us WPaholics!

Happy Birthday from Austria!

[…] I was reading over an old blog post about switching most of our development strategy to WordPress.  It occurred to me that the platform has really come a long way since then.  And it has come really really far since I started hacking around with it back in 2006 or so. Its hard to believe that the founder Matt has only recently turned 27 years old. […]

Happy belated birthday. I had a ton of fun between 27-30 and I wish you the same amount. Age is a number. I know 23 year olds who are older than me – just blah, boring, not living. Betsey Johnson, Lauren Hutton, Mary Quant, Exene,and Iris Apfel. Just never stop going forward. You’ll know if you do because you’ll find yourself listening to oldies all the time. Peace.

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