Back, Feeling Good

I’ve been offline (mostly) for the past week while at Tracker School and over the next few days I’ll be catching up on what happened while I was out. You guys were busy. 🙂 As I pulled into my garage after a long drive this song came on shuffle and I wanted to share it with you guys — Nina Simone’s Feeling Good:

22 thoughts on “Back, Feeling Good

  1. Wow, tracker school. How was it? I am obsessed with survivalist shows and books. It gets more interesting though when you throw zombies in the mix. What are top things you learned that you think were most important?

    1. They are pretty comprehensive, it’s hard to pull out one skill because they all depend on each other. In terms of what I’ll probably apply to my day-to-day life the most, I’d say it’s an appreciation of the beauty and joy in the smallest things, especially from nature. Every task can be treated as a craft. Not new concepts, but nice to have them reaffirmed.

  2. What did you think of the class? I have been looking at that school for a while (ever since reading Neil Strauss’ “Emergency”) and am quite interested to hear what it is actually like.

    What made you want to go?

    1. It was actually that book, which I read while in Vietnam with Tim last year. Beau, who I went with, gave me the heads-up about the class.

  3. congrats on taking your standard – the world will never seem the same … and that’s been a good thing for me

    great song as well

    1. Tom Brown was a fantastic storyteller and speaker, but was largely absent both physically and for the more instructional parts of the week. However the instructors (Matt, Carmen, Bill, Jeff, Alyssa, and Jorge) that covered the vast majority of the practical information were wonderful and a joy to learn from. I learned a ton, but I could also see how the process could rub someone the wrong way if approached with a cynical mind. I took about 60 pages of notes, the most handwriting I’ve done since I left school.

      1. So, so interesting. Wow. And 60 pages of notes! I don’t think I wrote that many notes in college.

  4. Dude, doubly nice!

    I read “The Tracker” back in high school and attempted to pass it on as “required reading” for my environmental club. Good tracking skills can turn a hike into one heck of an adventure.

    Also, I love “Feeling Good”. I discovered it via Muse’s fantastic cover.

  5. I was listening to the song and suddenly realized, “I’ve heard this before! But… Where?”

    Took me a few minutes, but finally remembered hearing Michael Bublé sing it on TV. Great tune. 🙂

  6. Dear Matt,

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