Oh Christmas Tree

The first of the Christmas photos are up. Expect many many more :). Also I feel the first picture in that album deserves a little explanation, as it is a dump of everything except my laptop stuff and camera I carry in my backpack. Many people often remark to me that my backpack is too full, so I decided to see exactly what I carry around in it. From left to right there is my CD case, some cheap in-ear headphones, retractable phone cord, two Orinoco 802.11b cards, some Burt’s Bees chap-stick, Penguin mints (with extra caffeine), my migraine medication, a Tecom USB Bluetooth adapter, house keys, some gum, cheap electric razor, optical USB mouse with retractable cord, retractable cat5 cable, Taking Your Talent to the Web by Zeldman, and a Stowaway keyboard for my Clié.

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Omigosh. That’s awesome. “The Backpack Project” – give us a picture of what *you* carry around all day. God knows I need to clean out my backpack as well…

Hm. Hmm… Thoughts?

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