A Plethora of Pictures

If you had come to the site yesterday, there would have been about 4,483 photos, now there are 4,935. I know I haven’t had much time to post lately, but that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. I would espescially recommend checking out 12-29-2002 as it has a real range of every kind of picture imaginable. The shots from the cathedral under construction are particularly good in my opinion.

With that burden off my shoulders, I’ve finally starting taking pictures again. I took some night ones in the country yesterday, and today I started a project which I hope to finish up and post on the first of Feburary, a series of eleven portraits.

5 replies on “A Plethora of Pictures”

  1. those are a lot of pictures!!! i still don’t take enough with my digital camera. but i’m trying… it’s just hard to get into the habit of bringing it everywhere. btw, how much webspace do you have? with my move to Blogomania, i slimmed down from 500MB to 200MB because i was getting crappy service from my old webhost and the downtime was just getting unbearable.

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