Sunday Slump, IMAP

Sunday is the day when my love/hate relationship with email really comes to forefront in my mind. On Sundays my email is slow, in the sense that I don’t get much of it. Every other day of the week I can barely keep up with the volume that comes through, and I recently un-subscribed from all the lists I used to be on. I don’t get much email on Sunday, so I send a lot out. Still in the back of my mind is the hell that is Monday morning, when email pours in from everywhere and it takes me days to recover. Oh well–can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

Speaking of email, I am in the process of switching all my mail from POP3 to IMAP, which means transferring about 240mb of messages to the server. What’s nice about this though is that I’ll be able to access all of my mail, archives and everything, from any location. I wish I had done this years ago! It’s so much more convenient not having to worry about synchronization problems, and it’s given me a chance to develop a very robust filing system. I had to rethink things a little because with the IMAP server I’m using you can’t have something have sub-folders and have individual items in it. Overall I feel more secure about things because now even if my computer crashes and burns I still have all my important communications on my bulletproof server (knock on wood). If anyone is interested in moving to IMAP mail let me know. FYI, Spyder Hosting now offers it with all their accounts. Also if you tell them I sent you a nice discount might come your way.

One thought on “Sunday Slump, IMAP

  1. No emails on Sunday’s huh? (hehehehe.. yes that was intentional)
    Well… lets see what the AMS can do about that… 🙂