8 Ball, Corner Pocket

Just got back from Cue and Cushion, a nice pool hall on Shepard. Tonight was especially nice because I actually won. The music was good, thanks to Jaime, and everything was fun. Alex was making some really nice shots, but luck seemed to turn in my favor towards the end of every game. I’ve put some cool pictures from the pool hall, as well as a frog that lives at my house that I see sometimes. I’ve always heard stories about how my grandfather was very good at billiards and played it all throughout college, and part of me wants to emulate him and get really good at it. This night was definitely a big improvement, but I haven’t quite nailed down what I was doing different. Oh well, practice makes perfect.

4 thoughts on “8 Ball, Corner Pocket

  1. I recall that certain uncles of ours decided to teach me pool in New Braunsfels…or maybe I whined until they did it; I don’t recall. Either way, I was too young to properly see over the table and angle the cue for a shot, so my biggest memory of the day was dragging a Borden’s milk carton around the table to make my shots (usually between games) and marveling at the pressure indentions that the red plastic made on my bare feet. I’ve had an abiding love for the game ever since (despite the fact that I’m awful at it). Isn’t it funny how these memories surface in flashes of images and smells (the rain outside, the particle board that was laid over the floor) and sounds (that delightful crack). Isn’t it amazing that it took me a couple of years to find out that the cue was NOT supposed to go in the pocket?
    I think that you need to show me this new billiards hall of yours when I’m down for Thanksgiving, and I’ll show you how to lose gracefully 🙂 Love, C

  2. Dream on, Shorty. Should I bring the milk crate? Are you going to put your money where your mouth is? Another $2 bet perhaps? It beats me losing all of my U2 CD’s like I did the last time we got into a bit of sibling rivalry. See you soon, my sweet! Love, C

  3. commentI am curious about the Blues Scene in New Braunsfels. What clubs feature Blues music? I am a Blues Singer in San Antonio and if anyone wants to know there is some great talent here(and not just guitar players). SANTA’S PLACE, TACO LAND, and THE ELBOW ROOM are three clubs here that have some good blues but there are more clubs than that spread out over the city. Happy New Year, Ty