Jish Goes to Houston

Had a wonderful time tonight at Market Square Grill with a number of new people who I hadn’t met in person before. The guest of honor, Jish, was an extremely nice guy. I think he really enjoyed his visit, because everything is bigger in Texas. It was wonderful meeting everyone, such colorful personalities, and I’m definitely going to make it out to the next event. In attendance were (Kathy’s list helped me out here) Katie, Mike, Jish, Elaine, Chuck, Ted, Robert, Hanna, David, Kathy, Christine, and Kymberlie.

The pictures from tonight are now online. I’ve also gotten around to putting up the entire morning shoot from the Sights Unseen series. I also added some photos from 9-27 with some interesting ones in the downtown area that Sarah took. Actually she didn’t take all of them, just the good ones.

7 thoughts on “Jish Goes to Houston

  1. Oh Dear Lord, no. Laughing … I think I’m going to cry. Matt! Don’t look!

    I had such a wonderful time last night – I’m glad we finally got to meet in person!

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  4. when i first went to an H-Town blog gathering, i don’t think i talked to anyone but my hubby (who came with me as a safety net). but after a few, you loosen up and you start to talk to the people you missed the first time. but nevertheless, please come to the next Happy Hour! i tell you, it gets better and better! it was nice to meet you, too. 🙂