More Hidden Treasures

I just found a list that summarizes everything I possibly wanted circa 1997.

  • U2 CDs
  • 64 megs of memory
  • Awe 64 Sound card or USB speakers
  • Mark 6 alto saxophone
  • Stereo:
    • Radio turner and mixer
    • CD Changer
    • Turntable with stereo output
    • Double tape deck
  • Books: anything by Isaac Asimov
  • Cool mousepad
  • Flatbed color scanner
  • 3D video card
  • Computer games
    • Quake II
    • Starcraft
    • Command and Conquer II: Red Alert
  • Fast CD-ROM with digital support
  • Cool speakers for Dolby 4-channel surround sound
  • Big Monitor
  • Caller ID
  • USB Port

By the metric of this list, I’ve achieved almost 100% success. It’s remarkable how the material things we want can change so much over the years, and how material things in and of themselves can become so much less important. I wonder if I made a list now, how would I look at it in five years?

2 thoughts on “More Hidden Treasures

      1. I was looking for that mix cd I made you a long time ago and searched for “mix cd.” Then read the old posts related to mix cds 😉