Email Conclusions

Well I tried out everything, except Eudora which for some reason wouldn’t install, and I’m back to using Outlook Express, which in my opinion is simply the best IMAP email client out there currently. The application I’m going to start looking at closer is Outlook XP, because I think it does everything I want it to do, it’s just clunky. Perhaps with some more customization it could be what I need though. Honestly though I’m glad I don’t have to deal with Outlook’s bloat anymore.

Update: It’s now about a year later, and Mozilla Thunderbird is by far the best IMAP email client around for Windows. Give it a try.

2 thoughts on “Email Conclusions

  1. I have Eudora. I don’t really know what the differences between it and Outlook Express are, though. Maybe if you asked me some specific questions I could help you out. One annoying thing is that it doesn’t demark unread messages, so I miss the occassional crucial announcement.

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