Wish Me Luck . . .

. . . as I head out into the massive throngs tomorrow (today) to do Christmas shopping. I’ve made the list; I’ve checked it twice. If I had any sense this would have been done weeks, if not months ago, but this should be an adventure. If you want to join in for the time of your life, give me a call :). Or not: apparently my phone has been giving “Ciruit busy” messages to people all day. Hopefully T-Mobile will resolve all that by tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Wish Me Luck . . .

  1. Good luck to you as you go out shopping! Hope everything fares well. Also – I have been having problems with the Alltell wires network as well, its busy all the time ;(. Anyways, take care!

    ~random passerby, Shadowraven!

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