About two years ago I went and picked out a new frame to go with my new prescription. I wandered all over the store, but the ones that caught my eye (so to speak) were, in hindsight, terrible for me. I have an ovular face, and these were skinny and rectangular. The color was a deep brown, I put them on and felt a little taller, and things looked a little sharper, despite the fact that the prescription wasn’t in them yet. The design was fairly basic, but they had a brand name on them (I think Polo) so they were hideously overpriced. My judgment was influenced by Antitrust, a movie where the handsome main character, Milo, had dark glasses much like these.

Once the lenses came in I wore them to school, and the reactions were mixed, to say the least. Even the same people seemed to vary their opinions throughout the course of the day. It was different yes, but I don’t seem to remember it being that big of a deal. As my love goggles began to fade, I started to see why. They were skinny, and the way they sat on my “Roman” nose made them tilt oddly. One of my best friends summed it up later is that with the old glasses I looked like a doctor and with the new ones I looked like a lawyer. How should that be taken? I still don’t know. I’ve seen Ally McBeal, there are attractive lawyers. I’ve met some nice lawyers. But does it have an implication of moral tinge? When someone says you look like a lawyer in high school, it makes you think.

Anyway my mind wandered down this path today in the glasses shop by my house. I stopped in to get a “tune-up” on my current old glasses. They’ve been bent a little funny, thanks to me sitting on them a few times; the nose-pads needed to be replaced; the screw on the left was about to come out. The prescription is a little old, but that’s to be fixed later. The dark rims were there, and they called out to me. I flirted with them, tried on a pair or two, and laughed at the mirror at someone I had forgotten.

2 thoughts on “Glasses

  1. before i got contacts, when they did my new glasses (took them an hour), i got to blindly roam around the mall where the lens crafters was. i dont know how many walls i ran up to or how many people i confused with my mother. 🙂

  2. I like the way this entry is written. It seems somehow more poetic than usual. Or maybe I just haven’t been reading your journal enough lately.