When did it get so cold??? I am cold to the point of desperation there. Now I know, some of you native (or born-again) Notherners are reading and thinking “42 degrees? Ha! That’s jogging weather!” and you are probably right. But how should I get warm? I’m not conditioned to deal with this.

9 thoughts on “Biting

  1. Okay I’m glad that Hanna and Kymberlie agree with me here. Rachel is a transplanted native Houstonian (right?) so I don’t know what’s up with her.

  2. I just left a comment on Josh’s journal about how 20 degrees is starting to feel refreshing to me.
    The real key to being warm is wearing long underwear, scarves, and hats– though that might be a little much in Houston!

  3. the way to warm up, my dad says (and he’s a native minnesotan) is to curl up with dogs. that’s what the eskimos did and that’s what we do. the coldest days of eskimo winter takes about 7 dogs, but we houstonians only have enough coldness to merit one. yay for warm dogs. Edit: I know…

  4. Ok, at the time that y’all were complaining, I was trapped in my house due to the 1″ of ice that was coating the streets in lovely Pflugerville. I missed two days of work! And I can assure you that curling up with one dog even in Texas does NOT make you warm enough. Even when combined with the long underwear and the flannel pj’s and the jacket, and the heater and the fire!!! It’s still cold here. Can we get the 100 degree weather back now?
    Love, your “wonderful” sister, Charleen