Kitty Update #2

Well the good news is that Helsa is home now, and is getting more care and attention than she could ever receive at vet. Like I said before, the main problem right now is that she lost so much weight and her body has been using her fat for nutrition, and the lipids have overwhelmed her liver. The solution for this is for her to eat and give her liver a break, but the problem is that she really doesn’t want to eat. For several days they did force feeding, which is basically where you squirt the food in the cat’s mouth and even though they don’t want to eat they swallow it because, well, it’s there. Needless to say the cat in question generally doesn’t like this.

It became harder and harder to feed Helsa until the decision was reached that the only way to get her the nutrition she needs was to do a short surgery and set her up with a feeding tube, which is exactly what it sounds like. So many times a day she gets food, water, and medicine through the tube, and after 2–6 weeks her liver will finally recover and she can begin eating on her own again. The time range is uncomfortably big, but there’s no way to predict when she’s going to recover.