NT Stands for…

Just saw this interesting snippet:

During a trip to Microsoft’s Redmond campus this week, I had the opportunity to meet with Mark Lucovsky, one of the original architects of Windows NT. We had a long discussion about NT’s development and evolution; one of the more fascinating tidbits he revealed was that NT doesn’t, in fact, stand for New Technology, as documented in books such as “Showstoppers” and “Inside Windows NT” (Microsoft Press, 1992). Instead, the name comes from the earliest days of the product’s development, when Microsoft designed NT to use the Intel i860, a RISC processor. In those days, Intel’s chip was behind schedule, so Microsoft had to use an i860 emulator called the N10. NT was so named because it worked on the “N-Ten.”

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Matt – your old font/color selection was easier to read – your current set up is uncomfortably bright. Just my 2 cents. Otherwise I love your site.

I’d always thought that NT was an acronym for ‘New Technology’. I guess this makes the tagline on the NT splash screen ‘Built on NT technology’ a bit more sensible…