Strange Mozilla Bugs

Well before I was delivering application/xhtml+xml to all Gecko-based browsers, but there seems to be a bizarre problem with Mozilla on this page. I had been doing my Gecko testing in Phoenix, which has no problems at all, and is now the only browser receiving the proper content-type for XHTML 1.1. Mozilla 1.0.1, 1.2, and 1.3a all seriously mess things up. First it shows the hostile XML error when it loads the page, which I brought on myself by putting it into super-strict mode, but the problem is there are no errors. I’ve triple-checked the page, and everything validates. It reports the error at a different place every reload, and it points to a random line from inside the blogroll, which is just basic XHTML. Then completely randomly it will show the page, but then stop displaying the content div after the “M” in the third paragraph from the last post, but then it shows the menu, which is after that in the code. When I change the content-type to be sent as text/html it displays every time, but still stops at the same place. Wait, as I’ve been writing this it looks like it’s working again in Mozilla, but only with the old content-type. Sigh. Hat tip: Mike Little.