Dreamweaver SSH Tunneling

Did you know Dreamweaver can tunnel its connection over SSH using Putty? Neither did I. I haven’t quite gotten it to work yet, but I’m pretty excited about it. I’m just thinking about it because all of the unencrypted traffic flowing over the free wireless here at SxSW. Someone with a simple sniffer could cause a lot of trouble. Encrypt whenever you can! You can even browse PhotoMatt over SSL.

31 thoughts on “Dreamweaver SSH Tunneling

  1. I don’t think it works. I’ve been trying to do this for weeks with no sucess. The documentation on macromedia’s site must be missing some details because I can’t get it working.

  2. has anybody got this to work… i can get in and see my home directory but trying to create new files or directories ends up in bad ip connecting errors…
    this is the most jeri rigged software i have ever had to work with..
    6 hours and counting
    mx 6.1 on xp pro sp1
    putty and plink
    vsftpd redhat 9

  3. has anyone had any luck with this? I can connect to my server using ssh in the terminal no problem but Dreamweaver MX WILL NOT connect? I too have followed the pages on the macromedia site to a t.

  4. I to have followed their instructions a 1000 times and although Putty is connecting fine itself (I can see all my files etc) Dreamweaver MX simply fails to connect. Please somebody suss this one.

  5. hm, i get a connection but the remote folders & files arn’t shown correctly. creating new files/folders is possible, but they keep disappearing.
    the plink shell opened by DW MX seems to work fine, but using some commands in it, it seems that there are some string sings…
    might it be that the data is scrambled on its way? any unix-cracks here that know about the insides?

  6. I’m having the same hair pulling problems. Connecting through Putty works like a charm. Dreamweaver doesn’t. I HAVE noticed that Dreamweaver futzes with the host IP address settings in the putty file. It changes the host name to Isn’t that the IP address one uses to ping himself?

  7. Dreamweaver doesn’t contact the remote site, it contacts plink, locally. The same address to ping yourself, yes. I can’t get it to work either: plink connects and then the prompt gets all messed up. I’m still in the right directory though, but when I try to connect with DW, it times out. I’ve SEEN it work on someone else’s computer, and they had the same settings I did. Weird.

    DW MX
    Win 98SE

  8. PROBLEM SOLVED. Some servers just don’t work with PuTTY or SSH (the program, not the protocol), at least not remotely or from other networks (like from home). Different servers have different versions of the SSH software running, and that may have something to do with it, but the solution I found that works on every single server I try is MindTerm, a stand-alone java applet. You connect with it, then set Dreamweaver to contact “localhost”, rather than the server address. Then go BACK to mindterm and select “plugins > FTP to SFTP BRIDGE” and turn it on. Then go BACK to dreamweaver and connect. Bam, you’re there. Just make sure the remote server home directory info you have in dreamweaver is correct. It may sound complicated but it’s really fast. From then on, when you want to connect just select the correct server from MindTerm’s memory and connect, select the bridge, then connect with dreamweaver. Go here: http://www.mindbright.se/mindterm/ and good luck!

  9. The instructions on Macromedia’s site that detail PuTTy only encrypt the LOGIN not the transfer itself. An important caveat that they don’t really make clear is that you still have to have an FTP server running on your server. That is unacceptable for us here.

    My campus computing people are advocating the Mindterm client, but I have only started working on it today.

  10. Thank you so much! I spent hours messing with those jacked instructions from macromedia. This worked on the first try.

  11. I have another problem with Putty and MindTerm. My campus set up the server so that there is not a directory for my username (/home/username) so every time I connect it kicks me off immediately, saying that the directory does not exist. Does anyone know how to get around this (perhaps by setting a default initial directory)?


  12. Thank you so much for the information about MindTerm. I was beginning to think DreamWeaver was a complete waste of money.
    MindTerm worked first time.

  13. The mindterm solution described above works well. When you set Dreamweaver to use localhost for the remote host, make sure to specify the port that you used with the mindterm bridge, e.g., localhost:21.

  14. I’m not sure tmy problem is what you guys have been discussing, but I have the following problem:

    Every Folder & file, I create or transfer via Tectia SSH won’t show in DreamWeaver.

    Furthermore if I then try to upload a file from DreamWeaver to a folder I created with SSH, I get a 550 – Permission Denied error in DreamWeaver

    What gives?

  15. Problem solved! yes it was when I followed Dave’s advice in downloading and istalling mindterm. I spent hours with that frustrating documentation from Macromedia. it took about 30 minutes to download and install Mindterm and it worked. As Dave said besure to have the remote directory set correctly and point Dreamweaver to localhost. Thanks Dave!

  16. MindTerm works great. When you set up remote connection. Choose FTP and put localhost instead of FTP site address. That’s the only difference from when you use regular FTP.
    Works great. Thanks Dave.

  17. 5 months I have waited to use ftp dreamweaver and today thanks to Dave and his Mindterm suggestion I finally got in. I can’t believe it, thanks guys.

  18. Like the others I’ve waited ages for this solution using Mindterm – works a treat. Thanks Dave – much appreciated

  19. Because everything I try has to, for some reason, be more complicated than anyone’s standard docs, I’d like to mention that neither the MindTerm nor PuTTYs were working for me. However, using the MindTerm util did reveal the issue (I think) as detailed here:
    No other client FTP could respond with more than “eh-eh! you ain’t connecting”.
    DWMX2004 and beyond (and EditPlus v2.2+) have an “sFTP” checkbox which didn’t work for me either.

    SOLUTION: Server config!
    sFTP worked fine for me on a redhat 9 (openSSH 3.5) box but not on my SuSE 9 (openSSH 3.8) machines. Changing the sshd config file (/etc/ssh/sshd_config) by commenting out “PasswordAuthentication = no” I am able to still securely use SSH and now sFTP thru SSH with no problem.


  20. Thanks Nei wipat! Changing the passwordauthentication worked on SuSE 9.3. This was the first and ONLY real help web forums have ever been, so thanks.

  21. OMG!! MindTerm FTP to SFTP Bridge in Dreamweaver worked as described! Thank you so much for showing how to do this! I was about to pull my hair out with the crappy Putty and Plink “instructions” on the Macromedia website!

  22. DAVE: Three years later, you ROCK! I just spent three hours on this and then I googled and landed on this page. SO EASY. Thank you for this invaluable piece of information. I’m really liking MindTerm right now…

  23. In case anyone stumbles on this info (Mindterm rocks) I noticed that mindterm attempts TIS on SSH1 so I changed the setting in Putty under Connection, Auth: to include TIS and lo and behold it connected. Maybe this is the missing link?

    Thanks all this got me going.

  24. DAVE: Holy sh*t, you are awesome. Our admin claimed to have fixed the PasswordAuthentication setting, but I was still getting the “login or password is incorrect” error.

    Mindterm did the trick! lifesaver.