I Now Have… Pants

The weekend was a ton of fun, starting off with me barely recovered but going to Rene’s birthday party (which has pics up now), next day getting a Tungsten T and meeting some H-Town people (Kathy and Christine summarize nicely), and then taking an unexpected road trip on Sunday to Navasota and meeting my sister. You see, when I left Austin after SxSW I was in a little bit of a hurry and I ended up leaving 3 pairs of pants, 2 belts, and 3 shirts. I just flat out forgot them. Picked those up and had lunch with my sister and her roommate. Charleen has a thousand stories. We visited a graveyard with an ancestor buried there and it was an interesting experience all around.

Today was a beautiful, beautiful day. Many ups and downs, but the highlight was that the new lenses for my glasses came in. My prescription has changed quite a bit, and I’ve been seeing the world in sort of a haze for I guess a year now. As I waited for them to put the new lenses in I walked from store to store, browsing at Radio Shack, listening to some music, eating a slice of apple pie, and when I got my glasses back I put them on and gasped. There couldn’t be a better time of the year for this to happen. As I walked outside I felt the sun kiss my skin and the trees are beautiful and OH MY GOD look at the amazing leaves I can see each one. Everything is so incredibly crisp I just want to grab it and make sure it’s all real.